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President's Message

President’s Message


After a 3-year absence, we have resurrected The Beacon.  Since Katrina, our office has been renovated and we have all been working to get to a new normal. 


We are looking forward to the 2008-2009 school year.  There will be many new faces, changes, and new programs.  Teachers are working harder than ever to meet the needs of the students and to comply with NCLB.  This is all with only step increases in salary.  


We invite all employees—classified and certified—to join us as we continue to work to improve working conditions for all of us.  Our goal is “a quality education for every child” and, if you think about it, when we reach that goal here in Harrison County, it will benefit everyone. 


As we write this, we trust that all of you are enjoying your summer vacation.  There’s about a month left before we go back to work.  Make the most of it.