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Raises in the District

Administrators with a doctorate got a $1,000 per year raise.  This is in addition to the $3,000 supplement they already receive.   Classified employees received a $0.50 raise across the board.   We are sure these pay raises are well-deserved.  Technology employees also received raises.  Teachers are deserving also.   Very deserving!


Planning Time

We expect a real effort by administrators to protect this time during the school day for teachers to use for planning and preparations for their classrooms.


Duty-Free Lunch

This is still an issue. This would be one way administrators to help alleviate the stress teachers deal with everyday. It could be done and still be cost effective. 


Staff Meetings

Mandatory staff meetings should be kept at a minimum and address essential issues.  They should always be short!  


Plans of Improvement

These need to be relevant to real growth as professionals and not a vehicle for personal conflict vendettas.


Costs of Teaching Schools

Teachers are spending more out-of-pocket than ever.  Cuts in EEF are a major contributor.  How can anyone keep a classroom going on $190 per year?  More on EEF later.  Check here for an update.